Simulation HUB is Europe’s largest commercial radar simulator for validation activities

We provide real-time and fast-time simulation projects, training and consultancy services for airports, air navigation service providers, functional airspace blocks and other interested parties.

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End-to-end simulation solutions in a state-of-art technical environment based on our experience, compliance with the highest innovation standards.

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SIMULATION AND VALIDATION Fast Time Simulation Real Time Simulation Simulation impact assessment Human factor assessment ATCO training Airspace design HMI software ergonomic analysis and design HMI experimental design and validation


The purpose of the Simulation HUB activities and their continuous development is a future in where air traffic is more efficient and safer, with maximum capacity utilization but less harmful to the environment.

The future of aviation and the related air traffic control is being written at an extraordinary rate, constantly, before our eyes - Simulation HUB is more than a simulation, it is a tool to step into the future of aviation.

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HungaroControl Simulation HUB HungaroControl HQ,
ANS-I Building
Igló utca 33-35. H-1185 Budapest, Hungary
47° 26' 52" N 19° 12' 55" E

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